Pixel Heller is a multi-media Black visual artist in Toronto, ON. As a descendant from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the exploration of identity plays a significant role for Pixel as an artist. She employs art as a means to delve into the complexities of multicultural backgrounds. Her creative curiosity has led her to explore these themes resulting in a body of work that resonates with vibrancy and empowerment. Pixel's work is a celebration of Black identity and cultural heritage.

With an artistic journey deeply intertwined with themes of Black identity, carnival masquerade, cultural fluidity and the preservation of memories. Pixel has chosen to depict her work in a wide range of mediums that include paintings, drawings, performances and textiles. Through her work, she encourages us to embrace and celebrate the rich complexities of our own identities and heritage.



2024     BFA Ontario College for Arts and Design University

Group Exhibitions

2023    Here Now & Everywhere in the Future. OCAD Black Homecoming. Toronto, ON

2023    The Art of Celebration. SugarKane Restaurant. Toronto, ON 

2023     The Art of Celebration. Ada Slaight Gallery. Toronto, ON 

2023     Yonge & Dundas Square Black History Month Digital Exhibition. Toronto, ON

2023     ALMEDA: Up to The Sky. OCAD U Great Hall. Toronto, ON

2022     Off The Wall. Propeller Art Gallery. Toronto, ON

Solo Exhibitions

2023     Mask on. Ada Slaight Gallery. Toronto, ON

Awards & Grants

2023     Joan and Clifford Hatch Foundation Scholarship in Life Studies OCAD U

2023     OCAD U Diversity, Equity and Sustainability Initiatives Grant 

2023     OCAD U Student Union Micro Grant 

2022     Joan and Clifford Hatch Foundation Scholarship in Life Studies OCAD U

2020     Clare McCulloch Memorial Award for Art

2019     Iris Gilmour Memorial Scholarship Winnipeg Art Gallery


2023   Toronto Guardian 

2023   Meavz Collective Magazine 

2022     Propeller Gallery   

Professional Experience 

2023     Onsite Gallery Installation Technician

2023     Ignite Gallery Student Monitor 

2023     Patel Brown Installation Technician 

2023     Hermès Astonishing Paper Fantasia Artist Assistant 

2023     Jason Lujan and Maria Hupfield Artist Assistant 

2023     Bentway Staging Grounds Eco Workshop Artist Assistant 

2023     Kensington Market Street Mural "Future Without Oppression" 

Community Service

2023     Blue Sea Devil Mas Camp Co-Manager 

2023     BIPOC Student Representative OCAD U

2023     Vibe Arts Carnival Bra Making Workshop

2023     Crown Mas Production

2023     Canada’s Democracy Summit Democracy X Change

2023     Artist Alley

2022    ALMEDA Collective OCAD U Vice President

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